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Pottery To Go

Now you can throw a Creative Café painting party wherever and whenever you like! You will transform from a 'party-host' to the 'party-hero' with a Creative Café – Pottery to Go Kit!

We package a selection of 10 popular glaze colours, brushes, sponges, water bowls, paint palettes and a writer bottle as well as sample finished tiles showing techniques and instruction sheet. Glazes are water based; non-toxic and completely washable so no need to worry about your furniture or clothing!  You can borrow our Pottery To Go kit today and then bring all the pieces back to our studio where we will glaze and fire your creations.

Pottery painting is addictive! Borrow our Pottery To Go kit today!

Pottery To Go

Pottery To Go! – Perfect for a weekend at the Cottage or a Family Reunion!

Pottery To Go kits are available and depending on your volume you will receive a discount. This allows you to take the Creative Café experience to your group - for almost any occasion imaginable. To ensure availability, we require 24 to 48 hours advance notice to reserve your date. The rental duration is 4 days (including the date of pick-up). Call us today and reserve your Pottery To Go! A security deposit of $50 is required at time of pick up. The security deposit will only be refunded upon the safe, orderly and timely return of the kit.

Some Popular Choices for a Pottery To Go Party

Below are some examples of a popular kit perfect for a child's party:

Pottery To Go

8 x 10oz mugs - $120

Pottery To Go

8 x collectable figurines - $120

Below is an example of a popular kit perfect for a corporate office event:

Pottery To Go

20 x 16oz mugs - $360

Below is an example of a popular kit perfect for a weekend at the cottage:

Pottery To Go
4 x dotty mugs $80
4 x collectable figurines $60

Creation Recreation

Choices are endless! Book your pottery to go kit today and create some memories with functional art!

Have fun making a pottery piece that can be used every day and cherished for a lifetime!