Children’s Clay Handbuilding

$100.00 (Party Deposit - Balance due day of your event)

3 Clay projects to select from.  Kids love Clay!  Molding, Attaching, being creative!

Clay projects will be ready 2 – 3 weeks after your party as clay has to dry slowly and be kiln fired twice.

Choose your Clay Project *

You and your guests will create this clay project.

Guest of honors name? *

Guest of honors age? *

Number of guests? *

Number of adults/chaperones? *

Bringing any food or drinks? *

There is counterspace for any food or drinks you may bring, but nothing that requires a heat-source please. Cake and drinks are great! Note: you’ll also need to bring your own paper goods/plasticware.

We do not reschedule/move Private Parties. If you cancel you will need to re-book, and your deposit is lost as we have held this spot and turned away other bookings.


Children will have so much fun playing with clay!  They will all follow along with your chosen clay project.

  • Starting at $325 for eight guests, here's what's included:

    • Your first eight guests are included in the party package price.  Each additional guest is $30.
    • Everyone will follow along with your chosen design!
    • All the necessary clay tools and supplies, brushes, aprons and kid-friendly paints are included
    • Birthday cake/cupcakes -  You will need to bring your own birthday cake, cupcakes and candles. (Party Hack: Cupcakes eliminate forks and plates! ) If you bring an ice cream cake we have limited refrigeration space so please coordinate that with us in advance.
    • Feel free to bring along drinks and finger foods. We sell drinks in the studio if you would like to purchase from us.  Don't forget to bring your paper goods/plasticware (Party Hack:  Juice Boxes work best no spills or cups!)
    • A dedicated Creative Specialist to host your entire party - from setup to clean up!
    • 1 hour to create and 45 minutes to celebrate!
    • Ideal for ages 8+
    •  Clay Creations will be ready in approx. 2 - 3 weeks for you to pick up and hand out to your guests.  Please pick them up in a timely fashion the kids will be excited to see their creations!  We can hold for a maximum of 3 weeks after they are ready for pick up.
  • Additional party FAQs and more details

    • A $100 deposit is required to secure your reservation. Deposit is non-refundable. This amount will be applied to your invoice the day of your party.
    • We do not reschedule/move private parties without significant notice. If you cancel you will need to re-book and your deposit is lost as we held that spot and turned away other bookings.
    • Confirming your guest count -  The Guest of Honour is included in your guest count. Please confirm your final guest count with us 48 hours in advance of your party.    If we don't hear from you we will plan your party around the original guest count you provided at time of booking.
    • Helium Balloons.  Yes they are fun at a party however we have very very high ceilings!  If you choose to bring them you MUST MUST make sure they are very securely anchored down.  A $25 per balloon surcharge will apply should you allow any of your balloons to go up into the ceiling.
    • Parents and other non-participating guests -  Space is limited!  Please communicate to parents of your participating guests that this is a drop-off event.  We have limited capacity for extra parents.  You are welcome to have one or two parents assist you with your party but we find parties work best when mom and dad of the guests have left.  If a parent is going to stay behind they will need to spend their time creating something themselves in the main studio while they wait for the conclusion of the party.   This is also true of any relatives that maybe joining you.
    • Tipping is greatly appreciated!  Our instructors will work hard at your party to help deliver a truly fun experience,  Tipping your party host(s) is greatly appreciated! Many are students saving for their further education!
    • Booking a party with us means you are acknowledging acceptance of our non-refundable deposit policy.