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Need some fun in your fundraising? Not getting the response that you wanted? Creative Café can help! Are your donations becoming ‘Don’t-Nations’? Has your Silent Auction just gone silent? Creative Café has your creative solution!

Ceative Café offers FUN-draising for schools, organizations, groups, churches and individuals. Talk with us about your cause and together we will create an event that works.

Creative Café has creative ways to enhance your moneymaking efforts and put some fun into your fundraising.

Some fun & creative examples are:


What’s better than a quick and easy fundraising event, one that is successful and profitable too! Together you and Creative Café will pick a date, fill the studio with your family and friends and Creative Café will cut you a cheque for 20% of all sales! With social media and posters, promoting your event is easy work. Your not asking people for donations or sponsorship your asking them to come out and have a great time! Best of all, they get to keep what they create and have a super fun time while helping you raise money!


Do you have a space that screams to be spectacular?

Create a ‘tile wall’ mural using our 6” bisque tiles. Have everyone in your group/school/church create a tile using your theme and colour selection. Creative Café will charge you a discounted amount depending on your volume. You then charge what you want for people to participate and keep the difference as profit. Many schools use a ‘legacy’ tile wall ‘mural’ to turn a plain wall into an awesome  ‘spirit wall’ that every student, teacher, parent will be proud off.

Tiles for Miles - Tile Wall
Tiles for Miles - Tile Wall

Click here to see our Tile Wall video



Want that ‘wow’ factor? Creative Café will help you to create that one of a kind art piece. A vase, platters, bowls hundreds of items to choose from! Groups or individual supporters of your organization paint the piece(s) or do handprints or thumbprints, critters or flowers then you auction them off for a handsome price!


People love to get a Creative Café gift certificate! We sell you certificates at a discounted rate; you sell them for face value. Minimum amounts are required.  Typical amounts are that we sell a $25 certificate to you for $20 you keep the $5! So with every $100 in gift certificate sales you get to profit $20. Great idea around the holidays when people are shopping for gifts $1,000 in sales is an easy $200 towards your fundraising needs.


For years now Creative Café has played a large part in a community fundraiser known as ‘bowls for beds’. Transitional housing organizations across the Simcoe County region have organized this amazing annual fundraising event. Church groups, school groups, women’s group’s, local politicians, etc. paint up hundreds of bowls. An annual event is organized where local restaurants participate and serve soup, chili etc.…  Attendees pay $25 for a ticket to the event, choose a  bowl, get a variety of lunch options and get to keep the bowl! Thousands of dollars are made with this annual event helping people in local transitional housing.

Bowls for Beds
Bowls for Beds

Bowls for Beds
Bowls for Beds