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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Studio Fee?
No! Creative Café is an all-inclusive arts studio. Project prices include all supplies needed to complete your project. Projects range from $5 - $120 with an average project being around $20 - $25

Do I need a reservation?
No! Stop in in and create anytime! If it is a special occasion or it is a group booking then please call ahead to reserve a table.

How long will it take?
The length of time will depend on the craft the you choose. An average adult stay is 2 - 4 hours. When crafting with small children your stay will likely be approximately 1 hour. With so many options in our studio, just choosing a craft can sometimes take a while!

What are your hours?
Our studio hours are posted on our website and on our voice message. PLEASE NOTE we do reserve the right to close 1 hour early IF no artists are in the studio.

Can I take my item home the same day?
This depends on what you are creating. Pottery painting and Glass Fusing creations cannot go home the same day as they need to be kiln fired. Mosaics and Canvas painting projects can go home the same day. Clay projects generally take 2 - 3 weeks because the clay has to dry slowly before being kiln fired.

Is Creative Café suitable for Children?
Children love to paint!  Creative Café is very "child friendly" but NOT childproof! You will need to watch your children at all times.

Are the paints/glazes lead-free?
Yes – Creative Café uses only lead free paints and glazes.

Can I use the pieces?
Yes – food safe and totally usable. Top shelf of dishwasher safe also! Though some people like to follow the hand painted so hand-wash rule of thumb!

Are you wheelchair accessible?
Yes – Parking, Ramps and Bathroom.

If I don’t finish my piece then what?
You can return to finish your item at another time, there is a WIP fee of $5. WIP is ‘work in progress’. You will need to take your item home with you and store it safely.

Do we need painting clothing?
All pottery paints are completely washable so painting clothing is not required. If you are creating a Canvas, the paints are Acrylic and we will supply aprons but recommend you don't wear your Sunday Best!

Can I send somebody else to pick up my finished items?
Only if they know exactly what you painted, your pieces are clearly marked with your names AND they have the receipt.

I have some old partially painted bisque can I bring it in to finish and be fired?
Creative Café prefers to glaze and fire only items we have for sale, we will on occasion fire outside work, that depends on its age etc…  you would need to bring them in for us to evaluate.

We are having a small group and it's somebody’s birthday, can we bring a cake?
No! Food and the art studio don’t mix. Our private party room is perfect for that and is based on party packages and party fee’s.  Contact us to get more information.

Do you sell just the bisque without us painting it in the studio?
Yes! If you would like to purchase just the bisque, come in and we will assist you. Items that are NON dinnerware can be painted at home using Acrylic paints which do not require to be glazed and fired. Our prices include the glazing and firing so we will reduce the bisque price by 25% as a cash and carry discount.

Do you cater to large groups?
Yes! We host lots of events for Schools, Guides/Scouts, Sports Clubs, and senior homes…  Red Hat Society groups etc… If your event is too big we can always come to you! Or you can borrow our Pottery To Go box which gives you a selection of colours, brushes etc… You then purchase the bisque, go to your event and paint. Bring the items back to us for glazing and firing.

Do you offer group discounts for non-profit organizations?
Yes! We have special pricing for Schools, Guides/Scouts, and childcare facilities, based on numbers and I.D. Please refer to our Non-Profits Group page for more information.

Do you offer Fundraising opportunities?
Yes! We have lots of ideas to help you raise money for your organization. Please refer to our Fundraising page for more information.

What happens if I can’t pick up my piece once it is ready?
Creative Café will hold your project for 30 days. Unfortunately, due to lack of storage space we cannot be responsible for holding it longer than that. Every attempt will be made to contact you before the end of the 30-day period.

Are there age requirements to create in the studio?
Supervision by an adult is required for children of all ages. Children as young as two years old can have fun, getting creative with a paintbrush! Newborns can supply their precious footprints to create treasured keepsakes. Glass Fusing projects where cutting is required is limited to ages 12+


Any questions not answered above... Please Contact Us Today! We are always happy to help!