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Corporate Parties & Events

Tired of the same old office party? Get ARTY! Build your teams potential with an outing the entire office will enjoy - Pottery Painting! It’s fun and requires absolutely no experience. Bring the gang to our studio. We have a large Private banquet style room upstairs with it's own bathroom. Perfect if you want to add a food element to your function. We have everything you need to add a little excitement to the office and your next office outing. With shelves of different pieces to choose from there’s something for everyone! Remember the office that plays together stays together!

“Hey! Where’s my mug?” End the lost mug blues by planning a mug painting party! It’s a great Team Building event from just $18.00 per person. Don’t want a mug, no worries, Creative Café has many different pieces to choose from.

Corporate Parties and Events

EASY Fun for Everyone!

  1. 1. Choose your design image - Or you can Freestyle your design
  2. 2. Trace on the pattern
  3. 3. Follow the instructions
  4. 4. Take your creation home Today!


Costs for Corporate Events are based
on the amount of painting participants
1-10 participants Standard Fees Apply
11-15 participants 5% off total amount
16-20 participants 10% off total amount
21-40 participants 15% off total amount
40+ participants 20% off total amount


An example of a popular choice for a corporate office event:
20 x 16oz mug - 20 x $18 = $360 - Less 10% discount = $324 total event cost

Another example for a larger office event:
60 x 16oz mug - 60 x $18 = $1,080 - Less 20% discount = $864 total event cost

Group Team Building Event = Tax Right Off!    |    Up to 3 hours of out of office awesome fun!

Don't want to paint pottery?  How about a canvas painting event? To book your next Corporate Outing or Office Party, contact us today for more information and complete details.

WARNING we are addictive!

After one art experience you will want to come back time and time again to try new things!